The Selecter

October gigs always seem to be the most raucous. Perhaps it is down to the time of year, who know. What we know is that at this time we work with Severnside Lions Scooter Club and this year their late season bash featured the aweome Selecter.

As two of our team were away, Joe was left to manage the gig, ably assisted by some ringers. The setup for the gig included our Small Void Sound System, stage and lighting. The lighting for this gig was provided by our good friends and comrades in arms Energized Sound & Lighting.

The Selecter always travel with their own sound engineer, which meant our team were reprieved of any responsibility for the main performance. Apparently, before the gig was booked, the band insisted on using us for the PA and setup, as they were really happy with our service and attitude when we worked with them for their appearance at the Buttermarket in Shrewsbury. Always nice to know we’re in demand.

As you can see from the gig pictures, we struggled to get any great pics of the crowd/performance as it was so rammed. Our team, the Energized crew and the whole audience had a cracking night. It was a late finish for us, once the pack down was complete, but well worth it. We’re definitely looking forward to the early season bash in 2015.

The Selecter stage setup side

The Selecter crowd