Studio Recording

When you go to a studio, as an artist or part of a band, you want to feel comfortable and creative. Here at Pro Audio Services we choose a rurally based studio, set in the heart of Shropshire, where every artist who visits will feel at home.

Working with our experienced and qualified team of engineers and musicians, you can be sure we will be on hand to walk you through the process and help you get the best from yourself and your music, so what is recorded is the masterpiece you desire.

It is important to feel relaxed and in the right frame of mind. We’re not a bunch of stuffed shirts, nor are we too cool for school. If you want to drink tea, have a beer or simply get on with it, we don’t mind. We’re here to make your studio recording experience exactly what it needs to be, to get the best from you.

Our recording service is not simply about getting you into the studio and trying to record you. We can’t work like that. We need to have a good understanding of what you want to achieve from your time, so we can plan ahead and prepare our equipment and time. This will ensure the time you spend in the studio gives you good value for money, as well as the best end results.

Therefore a focus on pre-production is an important stage in our service. We’ll arrange a time convenient for you, so we can engage with you and get a good understanding of how we can best help you. In this way we are focused and you can relax and get on with the important stuff, performing your music.

To find out more about working with our team, get in touch and have a chat with our experts.

Studio Recording

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