Record your gig and build your audience

So you have been booked for a gig and you’re well prepared right? Well if you’re not, you should be. Performing well at your gig can win you new fans, encourage existing ones to come and see you again and, ultimately, allow people to enjoy your music.

But what if they don’t know your band? Will they come to the gig? Will they stick around, after the band they know has finished, to listen to what you’ve got?

Some people will, but some won’t. Some may not even get out to watch you for various reasons. This is where recording your gig can come in.

With the ability for your friends to video record your gig, perhaps with their smart phones, or someone may have a halfway decent HD camera, then you can relatively easily end up with footage of your gig. You can then post these videos to your YouTube channel, Vimeo account and share them on Faceebook, Twitter and all the other social media that you partake in.

There is a real potential for you and your band to get out to a much wider audience. However, sometimes a smart phone’s microphone, or the one plugged into your friend’s camera, can be massively overloaded and the audio is distorted horribly. So what you end up with is really bad sounding video, which puts people off watching it, before they even watch a minute.

This makes you realise that you need to record your gig with better audio quality. So how do you go about it?

Well there are some great pieces of, relatively cheap, portable audio recording equpment available to buy. Many have built in stereo microphones. Some have the ability to plug in 2 external microphones, to make up your stereo field, giving you the opportunity to use better quality microphones. Most of these allow you to record to varying file formats, at varying qualities.

So you could certainly purchase one of these and set it up somewhere in a decent position to record the sound of your gig. If you’re lucky enough to have some crew, or a couple of good friends who come to watch the gigs, they could look after the recorder and make sure it’s recording. If you’ve got the capabilities available, you can then use the audio recorded and sync it up to the video footage. In this way you can get a far more pleasing result for your watchers/listeners and, potentially, reach more and more listeners, who become fans.

There is of course the next step beyond this, which is where you have other people look after the whole thing for you. If you’re looking for gig recording for your band, with multitracked audio, then get in touch with us and discuss your options. We can make sure your gig sounds great and record the whole thing to ensure you get the best possible result.