New gear – always a good thing!

Everyone loves to get new toys to play with. Whether you’re little kids, looking for the latest games console, or BIG kids (like us!) looking to get the best equipment to complete our mission to achieve the best quality sound. To help us on our way to achieve this mission, we invested in some new gear.

We love live music. In fact we live it!

One particular element all of our team love is drums. Good drum sound is something we aim for in both the live and studio areas. So we really wanted to give us the best possible arsenal of microphones to help us achieve the best drum sound for gigs and recordings.

To this end we invested in the some new toys from Shure.

Shure Beta 91A

The Beta 91A is a boundary microphone, with a half-cardioid pick-up pattern. It is specially designed to be used for Kick Drums and Pianos. It has a contour switch that can tailor the microphone more towards use with a kick drum, or with a piano. 

Shure Beta 91a added to our microphone stock

Shure Beta 98 AD/C

There are several different versions of this microphone. However, we opted for the model that features a specially designed drum mount, which will allow the microphones to be securely, and neatly, mounted to the rims of toms and snare drums. These discrete sized condenser microphones have a cardioid pick-up pattern that captures all the nuances and dynamics of drums and percussion.

Shure Beta 98 AD/C added to our microphone stocks

Shure Beta 56A

This dynamic microphone is aimed at use with snare drums and toms and it sounds great on percussion too. We also use it for vocals for drummers who sing. Due to the short barrel of the design, it means there is less microphone to get in the way of the drummer doing their job. It’s pick-up is super-cardioid and means it rejects a lot of sound of axis too.

Shure Beta 56a added to our microphone stock

Palmer Equipment

Palmer are a German manufacturer of quality equipment for professional sound reinforcement purposes. Their range of passive and active DI boxes are well rated by professionals across the industry. We have added some of both type to our equipment list and look forward to putting them to use in our upcoming gigs.

We also added a cable tester to our equipment list, to ensure we’re able to indentify faulty cables on the fly!