LitH – Wille & The Bandits

You know when you hear a band and think to yourself ‘why haven’t I ever heard them before? I should have done’, you know, because they’re awesome and you can’t believe you’ve survived this long without them? That is what we thought about Wille & The Bandits last night.

Due to the location of Henry Tudor House, and the proximity of residential properties, it is rare for the acts to be allowed to have much in the way of percussion, let alone full drum kits. Last night was one of the rare occasions that percussion was permitted. That being said, the set that Wille & The Bandits was somewhat “stripped back” in style, to suit the venue’s more “acoustic” nature. However, that didn’t stop them playing a fantastic gig full of bluesy, rocky and sometimes poignant and beautiful songs.

Wille’s guitar playing, switching between acoustic and electric timbres, was inspiring. His smoky blues style vocal was counterpointed and harmonised with by the electric double bass playing Matt. The sound he created with that instrument, as well as his deft playing, slotted seamlessly with the excellent rhythms flowing out from drummer Andy. The drums, with kick, snare, hats and cymbals, were played excellently with brushes. However, the highlight for our engineer was the playing of a djembe, which we know and love the sound of, and, a first for our engineer, an African Tongue drum, which has a mesmerising sound.

All in all the gig is certainly one of our top 5, with some insanely good music that was captivating and downright awesome. If you have not heard them before, they are well worth your attention. Go check out.

Wille & The Bandits Kick Drum

Wille & The Bandits Guitar Corner

Wille & The Bandits Electric Bass

Wille & The Bandits Drum Kit