LitH – Blue Rose Code

Last night was the first Live in the House gig of 2018. The packed Henry Tudor House venue was buzzing for the return of Ross Wilson aka Blue Rose Code.

For those who are unitiated in Ross’ music; it blurs the lines between folk, jazz, soul, pop and more. This genre spanning style is a distinctive feature of Blue Rose Code.

Last night’s performance started off with an opening set from Ross’ regular guitarist colleague Lyle Watt. Lyle’s set was based purely around his guitar playing. By his own admission the audience might have been “…wondering why this guy is sat here in front of you playing guitar and NOT singing. Believe me, you’d thank me if you heard!”. However, there was no need to be so modest. His guitar playing showed virtuosity and the audience lapped it up.

Ross and Lyle returned for the Blue Rose Code headline set, playing as a duo. The music did not disappoint and the end of the night drew close so quickly that it was hard to beleive that an hour had passed! Ross’ vocals and rhythmic guitar playing, counterpointed by Lyle’s creative and dynamic lead guitar was mesmerising. A cracking first gig back for the Henry Tudor House crowd. We look forward to working with Ross and Lyle again in the future.