Knights of the Damned Jousting Day

Variety is the spice of life. Today has certainly provided us with some variety. We’ve been up at Bodelwyddan Castle & Park providing equipment and services for the amazing Knights of the Damned Jousting Stunt Team.

These guys act out a whole good versus bad story on horseback. They do all this to the soundtrack of rock music. For this we provided large PA stacks and repeater/delay stacks further down the field to get the best coverage of the both the music and the announcer’s vocal. We also provided the radio mics, both handheld and headsets, for other performers including a dog racing and falconry display.

The crowds loved every minute of the various displays throughout the day. It went down a storm. We look forward to working with these guys next year.

Knights of the Damned at Bedlwyddan Castle 2014

Knights of the Damned Crowd at Bedlwyddan Castle 2014