Void Sound System Hire

Sound systems for hire vary between the downright poor to the absolutely amazing. Here at Pro Audio Services we strive to ensure that our sound systems are the latter. To this end we would like to introduce you to our amazing Stasys PA system, from Void Acoustics.

The full system comprises six Stasys X Sub-Bass enclosures and four Stasys 3 Mk2 Mid-High enclosures. All-in-all the system will deliver a whopping 26 KW of sound.

However, it is worth stating that power ratings alone do not make a good PA system. Void Acoustics are a British manufacturer of advanced professional audio systems for a variety of applications. Their Stasys Series of loudspeakers are designed to provide high quality sound reinforcement for medium to large scale applications, for live music and dance music alike.

The technology used in the Stasys loudspeakers is designed to ensure that the frequencies, of the sound being produced, exit the speaker enclosures at exactly the same time. This in turn minimises unwanted artefacts caused by phase cancellation, which occur in many other speaker designs. What this means to you, our customers, is that the sound coming out of the speakers is high fidelity, clean and reproduced exactly as it should be.

PA systems for hire are not just about the loudspeakers used. It is also about the combination of equipment used in the signal processing and amplification chain. Our Void PA systems for hire are controlled by a combination of XTA signal processor and crossovers, with Full Fat Audio (FFA) amplifiers.

XTA are another UK based firm. They specialise in engineering high quality signal processor and distribution units. The XTA processors in our racks allow virtually infinite control over the sound signal being fed to the amplifiers, ensuring only the correct frequencies are being put through the appropriate loudspeakers. The signal delivered is time-aligned and filtered, to ensure the amplifiers receive carefully controlled signals for amplification, and these in turn are reproduced by the different loudspeakers within an array. This means our engineers are able to adjust the performance of an array to, “tune” it to a venue, addressing any anomalies that may occur due to the venue’s acoustics. This allows us to provide consistent, truly astounding sound in virtually any venue.

FFA are renowned in the professional audio sector for high quality, high performance, power amplifiers. The innovative amplifiers, all designed and built in the UK, are well proven and reliable, ensuring clean amplified signal for our loudspeakers. The build quality of these amplifiers is rugged and they are designed to work in the most demanding environments. This all means that our Void PA system for hire will work in some of the most demanding situations that our customer’s events might require.

Our Void Acoustics sound systems will mean an even better experience for your event. The frequency response, dynamic range and clarity is something to experience. The flexibility of the speaker enclosures means we have flexibility in the various array set ups we can provide, depending upon your requirements. See the system information to the right for more details.
Areas Covered

We cover the whole of Shropshire and the West Midlands, including Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Market Drayton, Ludlow, Whitchurch and more. However, we are happy to travel further afield to wherever your event is to be held.
* Please note

Audience sizes are estimations.
Coverage can vary depending upon the venue/location of your gig.

Small Stasys System

2 x Stasys X Sub-Bass enclosure

2 x Stasys 3 Mk 2 High-Mid enclosure

FFA Amp Rack & Cabling

Suitable for a small to medium crowds (Up to 400 people*)

Small Void Stasys PA System for Hire

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Medium Stasys System

4 x Stasys X Sub-Bass enclosure

2 x Stasys 3 Mk 2 High-Mid enclosure

Amp Rack & Cabling

Suitable for medium sized crowds (400 – 1000 people*)

Medium Void Stasys PA System for Hire

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Large Stasys System

6 x Stasys X Sub-Bass enclosure

4 x Stasys 3 Mk 2 High-Mid enclosure

FFA Amp Rack & Cabling

Suitable for medium to large size crowds (1000 – 2000 people*)

Large Void Stasys PA System for Hire

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