Go Outdoors Launch with Ray Mears

We really love the fact that working in our industry gives us opprtunities to meet some famous people. Musicians we see more than anything else, but from time to time we do meet “celebrities” from other walks of life. Well Saturday gone was one of those opportunities.

The new Go Outdoors store that is in Shrewsbury officially opened its doors to the public on Saturday. To open the doors officially they had organised a celebrity, related to their industry, to cut the ribbon and have a question and answer session with them. The celebrity in this case was Ray Mears! To our team he is a bit of a legend, so it was with big smiles on our faces that we were happy to provide a simple vocal PA, with radio microphones and a small stage for this event.

Everything went smoothly and by all accounts from the store manager, they were very near to beating some chain wide sales, compared to the rest company’s stores across the country. So well done to the Shrewsbury team!

Ray Mears at the Go Outdoors Launch Shrewsbury