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On stage sound just got even better

Achieving the highest quality sound for the audience, out the front, is vitally important for any gig. However, the performers on stage are often forgetten about and overlooked; the sound on stage can be the key for performers to be at their best.

All packed up for a night out

Our small gig/party sound system is perfect for private parties. It even fits in the back of a hatchback with room to spare. This Electro-Voice ELX based system is active and simple to setup.

New gear – always a good thing!

Everyone loves to get new toys to play with. Whether you’re little kids, looking for the latest games console, or BIG kids (like us!) looking to get the best equipment to complete our mission to achieve the best quality sound. To help us on our way to achieve this mission, we invested in some new gear.

Travelling south for new toys

Blimey! What a day. It’s been a long slog for our team, but we’ve made it. We’ve spent the last 12 hours or so driving down south, listening to a potential new system, being blown away by it, purchasing it and driving back to the Shire!

Record your gig and build your audience

So you have been booked for a gig and you’re well prepared right? Well if you’re not, you should be. Performing well at your gig can win you new fans, encourage existing ones to come and see you again and, ultimately, allow people to enjoy your music. But what if they don’t know your band? […]

Red means bad, not good!

So last night we had the “pleasure” of providing sound engineering and stage duties for a well known boy band in our local venue. Now when you think boy band, you think guys jumping around on stage singing, which they did. However, one of them was performing the role of DJ. 

Digital mixing desks – Analogue, what is that?

Digital mixing desks – Analogue, what is that?

If you follow the music industry, but in particular the sound engineering side of things, then you may know that digital mixing desks have been the weapon of choice for many years. From being deemed unstable when they were first introduced many, many, years ago, to the becoming the preferred mixing console (or “board” as […]