Month: February 2018

LitH – Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro

Martin Harley is a well renowned blues guitarist and singer. Last night was his third time playing for the Live in the House crowd, but this time he was accompanied by an awesome double bass player, Daniel Kimbro.

LitH – Wille & The Bandits

You know when you hear a band and think to yourself ‘why haven’t I ever heard them before? I should have done’, you know, because they’re awesome and you can’t believe you’ve survived this long without them? That is what we thought about Wille & The Bandits last night.

LitH – Nine Below Zero

Nine Below Zero are a British blues band, who formed in the late 70s. They became well known throughout the UK and Europe, with a culit-like following that peaked during the 1980s.

Private House Party

We always like to help people put on memorable events. So when we were approached to help make a student house party bounce the night away, we were only to happy to get involved!